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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What happens when I make a reservation?

    Once you've completed your booking, the details are sent electronically to the supplier. The supplier then makes the appropriate arrangements according to the information you provided when making your booking. It is therefore imperative that you provide the correct information when booking, as the supplier cannot be held responsible for errors in service due to incorrect information provided at time of booking. It is up to you to check the details on the booking voucher prior to travel, and inform us immediately if there are any errors.

  • What does the price include?

    The price of a single ticket includes a one-way journey for the route booked. A return ticket includes both the arrival and departure journeys for the route booked. Our shared shuttle services are priced per passenger, whereas with private vehicles such as taxis and minibuses, these are priced per vehicle.

    Please note that the price does not include gratuities, which is at the passenger's discretion. This excludes services in New York and Florida, where the tip is included in the price.

    Child seats (where available), excess luggage, sport equipment etc, may incur additional cost. Please see sections below for more information.

  • Booking Infants & Children

    All infants (0-2yrs) and children (3-11yrs) must be included in the booking to ensure the appropriate vehicle and space is provided.

    Both local and national laws regarding the use of child seats for infants and children vary from country to country. However, all suppliers will comply with the latest legislation. If you are booking a private transfer, we do recommend the use of booster or child seats for those under the age of 12, or up to 135cm, for safety purposes.

    We are able to guarantee pre-booked child and booster seats in the majority of destinations, and this option is available as part of the booking process. If this option does not show in the booking process, don't worry. We can still offer pre-booked child and booster seats in many areas not covered on the website. Just drop us an email to with your booking reference and age of the child/ren. We will then confirm availability with the supplier and contact you to confirm. Please bear in mind that charges do apply in both instances.

    If you wish to bring your own child or booster seat, and are taking a private transfer, we must be advised of this information before you travel. This is to ensure that the vehicle provided by the supplier can accommodate the seat. If you take your own seat, it is your responsibility to fit the seat in the vehicle, and not the responsibility of the supplier.

    Shuttle services are usually provided by minibus or coach, and in these vehicles it is not possible to use a child seat as the vehicles do not have compatible seating.

    For travel within USA Only: State laws do not allow children to ride in the lap of an adult. If your child is under the minimum age/weight standards, you must supply an approved car seat for each child to whom the applicable law applies. It is recommended that travelling parents and legal guardians become knowledgeable about the applicable laws in the states in which they will be travelling. For more information on applicable laws, please visit: the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety website. Operators reserve the right to refuse service to parties out of compliance with state law. Please ensure you check before booking.

  • How do I find my transport?

    Instructions for finding your arrival transport vary from country to country. Clear instructions are printed on the booking voucher, which is generated electronically at time of booking. Please ensure you travel with the booking voucher, as this will be fundamental to you meeting the supplier representative or driver. cannot be held responsible for any failed transfers resulting from not having the booking voucher with you.

    If, for any reason, you are unable to locate the supplier representative or driver, please call the supplier telephone number listed on your booking voucher.

    Please note that you do not have to call to confirm your arrival at the airport. You should only call on your outbound journey to inform us of any delays to your arrival which may affect your transfer. It is, however, essential to call to confirm your return journey at least 24 hours prior to departure.

  • And on departure?

    The booking procedure will automatically calculate an approximate collection time for your departure. The system will calculate the journey, plus 2.5 hours to allow plenty of time for check-in procedures.

    Please be sure to check the instructions on your booking voucher thoroughly to be certain of requirements concerning your departure transfer, as this can vary from destination to destination.

    If you are taking a shared shuttle transfer, your pick up time may change from that shown on your voucher. This is due to shuttles having multiple pick up destinations. It is absolutely vital that you call the supplier within office hours at least 24 hours prior to departure, in order to be given an accurate pick up time.

    The supplier reserves the right to alter pick up times according to local needs. The supplier cannot be held responsible for missed pickups resulting from clients not travelling with their booking voucher. This booking voucher contains the relevant information to enable you to call and confirm your booking.

  • Length of journey

    The journey times stated on our website and booking vouchers are estimated, and are applicable for a journey on a normal day. It is possible that these times may vary according to time of day, roadworks, local road closures or diversions, volumes of traffic, local festivities etc. Shuttle journeys, which involve multiple pickups and drop offs, may take longer than stated.

  • How much luggage can I take?

    The allowance per person, for all vehicle types, is one standard size suitcase (approximately 70cm high, 47cm wide and 21cm deep), as well as one small piece of hand luggage. Please note that your hand luggage will be transported in the vehicle with you, and so it should be an appropriate size for this.

    If you are travelling with excess luggage, such as large suitcases, golf clubs, wheelchairs, skis, pushchairs, etc., it is imperative that you make us aware at the time of booking, as extra charges may apply. Failure to tell us may result in extra transport being required to accommodate the excess baggage, which will incur additional local charges.

    Please note that on some occasions, a vehicle at full passenger capacity with luggage for each passenger may need to be replaced with a larger vehicle. To avoid any complications in this regard on arrival, please call and clarify requirements when booking.

  • Do I need to tip the driver?

    The price paid does not include gratuities (except for services in New York and Florida). It is customary to give a tip if you feel the service has warranted this. However, this is entirely at your discretion.

  • Will my driver drop me and pick me up at my accommodation?

    Private transfers: Whilst the supplier endeavours to operate a door to door service, there are some occasions where it may not be possible, such as road closures. Where these restrictions apply, drivers will drop and collect you from the nearest accessible point. Please bear in mind, however, that the supplier will not be responsible for transporting luggage.

    Shared shuttle transfers: Whilst the supplier endeavours to operate a door to door service, there are some occasions where it may not be possible, such as road closures. Where these restrictions apply, drivers will drop and collect you from the nearest accessible point. Please bear in mind, however, that the supplier will not be responsible for transporting luggage. Please note that we do not operate to private addresses, villas or timeshare apartments. However, suppliers can drop you at a hotel close by, and in this case, please state this as your destination at the time of booking.

  • How long must I wait for my shared shuttle transport?

    Please note that the maximum waiting time for shared shuttle transport is one hour from the time you exit the baggage reclaim hall and locate the supplier representative. The supplier will try to keep waiting times to a minimum. Any complaints received regarding a waiting time of less than one hour will not be considered.

  • What happens if my journey details change prior to departure?

    Should your journey details change prior to departure, simply give us a call on +44 1273 828 200 or email us at with your new details and we will update your booking accordingly. You will be responsible for any increase in price if the new journey involves further distance or time, a different vehicle type, resort, number of passengers etc.

    Please note that it is possible to login and amend or cancel your booking online. Cancellations can be made right up until the day of the transfer. However, any amendments need to be made three days or more prior to travel.

  • What happens if I cancel my booking?

    You may cancel your booking at any time in writing by emailing Cancellation charges may apply. Supplier cancellation policy can be found in the 'Terms and Conditions' section of our website.

    Please note that it is possible to login and amend or cancel your booking online. Cancellations can be made right up until the day of the transfer. However, any amendments need to be made three days or more prior to travel.

  • What happens if my outbound flight is delayed or cancelled?

    If your outbound flight is delayed or cancelled, please call the supplier on the telephone number shown on the booking voucher. If you are travelling on a connecting flight, and the first sector is delayed or cancelled, subsequently causing a delay to your arrival in your final destination where the transfer is booked, then you will, in all cases, need to advise of your new details. This is to ensure that the supplier is informed and able to reschedule your transport. In some destinations, night charge may be applicable. Should your new arrival time fall within the period wherein night charges apply, then you will be liable for payment of these. Failure to advise of cancelled and rescheduled flights may result in transport being provided as per the original details on the booking. In this instance, the supplier cannot be held responsible, and no refund will be given.

  • Do you offer transfers for passengers who are confined to a wheelchair?

    This depends on the destination to which you wish to travel, and also our supplier. Some of our suppliers do not offer this service, so you will need to contact one of our Tailor Made team to see if this is possible. Please note, if you are travelling with additional passengers, please tell the representative that you speak to, as we may need to organise additional vehicles, depending on the number of passengers.

  • Insurance

    All suppliers hold full public liability insurance. We do, however, recommend that you hold a valid insurance policy for the duration of your trip.

  • Policy on inappropriate/drunken behaviour and abusive language

    The supplier reserves the right to refuse carriage to any person who is thought to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Furthermore, anyone whose behaviour and/or language is found to be abusive and could cause a threat or offence to the driver and any other passenger, or damage to the vehicle. No refund will be given for services not carried out because of the above reasons. For any damage that is caused to vehicles, the individual responsible will be held liable for any charges incurred by the supplier.

  • Supplier Representatives

    Supplier representatives are available for assistance. Individual contact details for the destination booked can be found on the booking voucher.

  • What is your smoking policy?

    Suppliers operate a no smoking policy in all vehicles.

  • What is your complaint policy?

    Our 'Terms and Conditions', which are available to view on the website, outline our complaints procedure. Any complaint must be registered in writing and be received by within 28 days of your return journey. Complaints received after this time period will not be accepted.

    Complaints arising from failure to follow our Terms and Conditions, such as not travelling with your booking voucher, failing to confirm transfer by phone and providing incorrect information, will not be considered.

    In the event of being unable to find the supplier representative or driver, we ask you to call the supplier telephone number found on your booking confirmation. Failure to do this may result in any eventual claim being invalid.

  • What if I damage or lose my luggage?

    The contract for this service is between you and the supplier. As such, we cannot accept responsibility for the damage, loss or theft of any luggage or personal items in transit. Any claim for compensation for the loss, damage or theft of items resulting from the use of the service must be made to the supplier of the service, and shall be subject to the laws and to the jurisdiction of the country in which the service was provided. The name and contact details of your supplier are provided on your voucher.

  • Do you offer transfers for passengers with collapsible wheelchairs?

    Yes we do! However, please it is important that you send an email to advising of the dimensions of the wheelchair, and letting us know whether or not you are able to board the vehicle unaided. If assistance with boarding the vehicle is required, then a wheelchair-adapted vehicle may be more appropriate to your needs.

    Please see question 'Do you offer transfers for passengers who are confined to a wheelchair?' for more information on transfers for wheelchair users.

  • Am I able to book a transfer with multiple drop offs?

    Yes. If the drop offs are all resorts or hotels, please let us know which ones and we will advise our supplier of the additional stops required. If they are private addresses, we will need the full address including area code. Please note that you should let us know if these details will be the same for pick-ups on the return journey. Additional charges may apply.

  • If I wanted to go on an excursion, could I book this with

    We offer two types of service for excursions.

    Firstly, if you know what you want to do and where you want to go, then all we need to know is:

    - the number of passengers,
    - full addresses of pick-ups and drop-offs,
    - the amount of time required (how many hours you require the vehicle and driver for),
    - a rough itinerary,
    - whether you require an English-speaking tour guide,
    - and any additional information.

    With this information, we will then be able to provide you with a quote.

    Secondly, if you would like to go on an excursion, but do not know what you would like to do, and would like our supplier to recommend something to you, then we would need a rough idea of what you would be interested in doing. From there, we will contact the supplier and organise this on your behalf.

  • Can I have the same driver on both my outbound and inbound journeys?

    We cannot guarantee this, but we are happy to contact the supplier to see if it is possible.

  • Am I able to take any animals on a transfer?

    Generally, we do not allow animals on our transfers. However, this is dependent upon the mode of transfer you are taking. For the comfort of other passengers, it is not possible to allow pets to travel on board any of our shuttles. For private transfers, this is dependent on suppliers. If you are taking a private transfer, and would like to travel with a pet, please telephone us on 01273 828 200 and we will check with the supplier.

  • Can you do hotel to hotel transfers?

    Yes. Please contact us to inform us of which hotels you wish to transfer to and from.

  • Can you get a shuttle service to a resort that isn't listed on the website?

    No. If the resort is not on the website, we do not run a shuttle service there. However, we are happy to book a private transfer to the destination of your choice. Please note that we also do not operate shuttle transfers to private addresses.

  • Can you do tours and large itinerary bookings?

    Yes. Please contact us with your itinerary and we will be happy to organise this for you.

  • Can you supply a specific make of vehicle?

    Yes, in certain areas, but this does depend on the supplier. Please give us a call with your request and we will see what we can do for you!

  • Can you do Helicopter transfers?

    Yes, in certain areas but this depends on the supplier. Please contact us with your request.

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