Mexico ‘is one of the world’s most romantic destinations’

Mexico 'is one of the world's most romantic destinations'
Mexico 'is one of the world's most romantic destinations'

A travel expert has hailed the Mexico has one of the most romantic holiday destinations in the world.

Carmen Laborin, romance director at the Mexico Tourism Board, pointed out that when it comes to the perfect destination for spending a romantic honeymoon, Mexico is largely unparalleled in its versatility.

She pointed out that the Central American destination has a wide range of beautiful beaches, which can be the perfect backdrop for an intimate holiday for couples.

"Mexico is by nature a romantic country – songs are better if in a serenade, music is better when danced by a partner, food is most enjoyable if shared – nothing in Mexico is done without love in the equation," Ms Laborin said.

"Newlyweds or couples find themselves amazed by the freedom, colours and customs of the locals and the way life is celebrated."

However, not only is Mexico a perfect foreign escape for honeymooners, it is also an ideal holiday choice for families and groups of friends.

The country offers a number of exciting activities including ecotourism and water sports for those interested in adventurous pursuits.

Ms Laborin pointed out that those interested in history and culture will have plenty to occupy their time during their holiday in Mexico.

She highlighted the country's many ancient sites built under its Mayan civilization as examples of what history buffs interested in the ancient past can take in during a trip to Mexico.

Moreover, Mexico has a number of museums, exhibitions and art galleries that showcase the best of the country's rich artistic heritage.

There are a wide range of package holiday deals to Mexico on offer this season, as well as reasonably priced shuttle transfers, so trips to the Central American destination could be on the rise this winter as British travellers rush to escape the biting cold.


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