Be altruistic and have a holiday to Greece

Be altruistic and have a holiday to Greece
Be altruistic and have a holiday to Greece

Many of us grumble at giving money to Brussels for them to redistribute it to countries that are suffering major money problems, after all it's hardly like the UK is flush at the moment.

However, there may be a way that our altruistic side can be nurtured, while we get to enjoy a beautiful and relaxing holiday.

It is as simple as turning round on a sun lounger and ordering a drink.

Sean Tipton, spokesman from the Association of British Travel Agents, has said that by choosing Greece as a holiday destination this summer, Brits can do their bit to help the cash-strapped locals.

And that is hardly a chore is it? Reading a good book in the sunshine, while taking the time out to visit some of the country's fabulous restaurants and archaeological sites, it sounds more appealing than monitoring reductions from your pay cheque.

Mr Tipton said that the Greeks holidaymakers will come across on their vacation will be very welcoming, as they are desperate for British custom this year.

Simply offering a small tip to a waiter or pre-booking cheap airport transfers for a local driver to take you from arrivals to your accommodation could have a really positive impact on someone's life – and not just yours, although you will start your holiday in perfect fashion.

"They really are having tough economic times so don't think that you are benefiting from their misery – quite the reverse, you are actually helping them by going there," said Mr Tipton.

He added that the choice was not merely a sentimental one.

"It is a beautiful country anyway. Historically speaking we love Greece, it has been our fourth most popular holiday destination after France, Spain and the USA," Mr Tipton stated.

He urged people not to wait too long, as now is the perfect time to book, with prices in the country beginning to fall.


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